Alice breathed out. She was so glad. She did not know that the weight on her shoulders had been so heavy. There was still very much work to do for them. They had to find everyone that had been involved in the plans of the two psychopaths and also people who had been victims of them. The most important thing right now though, was locking them up, so they would not be able to cause any more damage to anyone. They were thrown into a cell in the Tower of London together. Maybe Jack the Ripper would kill the Heart Queen someday, who knew?

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A crowd had appeared around Alice, everyone had listened but when they saw Jack the Ripper, they were scared. Most of them hurried away, not letting him see their faces. Then the Heart Queen came in sight. “Kill that girl now, I have finally found her.“ she screamed. Nobody moved. The Heart Queen and Jack the Ripper were handcuffed. The police told Jack the Ripper “We hear you want all the power you trash! Did you really think you would get away like this?“ The Queen pulled on the handcuffes, but it was hopeless. “ You misfits, let me go, who gave you the right to lock me up? You will regret that Alice, the moment I escape my prison.” They were dragged to the police cars to be brought to the Tower of London.

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