Peaceful moments

“This time I went to the Kew Gardens to look for a hideout and for a place to sleep. I found a save place behind an undergrowth, the moment I realized I had not eaten for two days and was very weak, I stumbled, fell and hurt my head. The next time I woke up I had forgotten everything. I met a nice dwarf and he helped me to find my past. He brought me to Sherlock Holmes...”, someone interrupted her:” Alice, everything is over now. There is no more danger, you are save.” Sherlock Holmes put his hand on her shoulder, he was followed by Jack the Ripper, the Heart Queen and the police.

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“I could not hide there forever because the time was running out, so I decided to warn the government. My next stop was the political center of London, Westminster. Unfourtunately I did not have luck, security was too tight, so I went to the BBC news center to try sending my message in the news. I could not get in because it was closed. It started to rain and I did not have a place to stay, that is why I took a train to the Natural History museum. I looked at everything and then when I saw gem stones like rubys and diamonds it dawned on me that Jack the Ripper and the Heart Queen did not only want power but also the crown. I froze and then the announcement that the museum would close soon brought me back to reality.“

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