A new plan

“This will be a shock now, everyone. They talked about the Heart Queen taking over everything, but this is not all. Jack the Ripper. I heard them saying, that Jack the Ripper wanted to get married to her, as he thought that he would have power in the end. He was there, he talked to the servants. You will not believe how scary he looked, he had a knive in his hand, it was full of blood. I saw him killing two servants, it was terrifying. I ran away again. If he had seen me, he would have killed me right there. The fat and hateful Heart Queen wanted my head! I did not go back to Mayfair. I did not want to put the nice Lady in danger. I hid in a building at Canary Wharf. This area is supposed to be very safe.“ javascript:insertCode('https://my.myblog.de/london-passion.is-red/img/BlickvonLondonBridge.JPG','scale');

13.11.13 18:23


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